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Let’s see how we can improve your life in the shortest, simplest, and easiest way possible. 

What do you do every day?

– Sleep

– Eat

These also happen to be the two most important aspects of health and wellbeing.

Now, how can you improve these by just a tiny bit?

Incremental Improvement – Sleep

– Go to bed 5 minutes earlier

– Buy a more comfortable bed, pillow, and/or sheets

– Get a white noise machine

– Wear a sleep mask

– Read 1 page of a book before bed

– Eliminate screen time 30 minutes before bed

– Supplement with Magnesium after dinner

Incremental Improvement – Eating

– Eat one more serving of fruit or vegetables

– Drink one more glass of water

– Eat one whole food meal per day

– Replace one soft drink with fruit-infused water or La Croix

– Take a different route so you are not tempted by fast food or treats on the way home

– Eliminate one snack per day or replace it with exercise or a healthier less calorie dense food

Look at the things you do every day and figure out the smallest, easiest, and simplest thing you can to do improve them.

This includes things like… 

…smiling at your loved ones the first time you see them every day…

… and transferring $1 to a savings account every time you look at your checking out.

Over time these small changes will add up to HUGE life altering results.

Brett “One SMALL Step at a Time” Denton