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Kate M.

Love it! I will admit I was a little skeptical at my orientation. I couldn’t comprehend how I could have a good workout in 30 minutes. Then I just stopped thinking and showed up. After 30 minutes I am wiped out. Actually, it only takes 6.36 minutes to kick my butt. The workouts are targeted and do more for me than an hour on the treadmill any day.

Pam B.

Kvell is like no other fitness center I have ever been to. I have never felt like I’ve had more control over how I feel and how my body looks. Kvell has given me all the fitness and nutrition tools I need to maintain a very sustainable healthy life. It is a very non-threatening, encouraging, and positive environment.

 Margaret M.

Down 2 pant sizes, yes it works folks, hells yeah!!

Julia G.

Welcome to the best place for serious lifestyle changes! I’m so very happy here.

Jenna G.

Today marks  months I’ve been at Kvell, I’m one pound from my goal weight but I still have to conquer pull-ups! And I just bought a new bikini and I am so owning it!! Bring it on! Thank you!

 Joey V.

Thank you, I know that I am just getting started on this path but, with that said I stepped on the scale this morning and its the first time in two years that it moved down. woohoo! – Feeling motivated.

Heather H.

Whoop whoop! I had my annual “Know Your Numbers” screening last weekend for work, and since my last screening I’m down 12 lbs, my waist is 3.5″ smaller and my fasting blood glucose level dropped by 12 points! The vast majority of this progress has happened since I started at Kvell in November – thank you for the motivation – I love the gradual and SUSTAINABLE learning and progress.

Margaux R.

Met three major goals! 1) finally did the beast crawl all the way on my last set this morning. 2) have to reorder my maid of honor dress for my sisters wedding because the one I have now is too big. 3) broke 190 lbs which I haven’t been able to do in three years! and thank you lab family for all the support! OWN IT!!!!

 Natalie Nathan.

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