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As a kid my room was very much like the end of Indian Jones and the Last Crusade where Indi had to dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge (movie reference switch just for fun).

If you didn’t know the exact footwork to get through it you were likely to break a leg or worse.

Toys, dirty clothes, and who knows what else littering nearly every square inch.

Fast forward to me as an adult.

My mom is no longer there to tell me to clean up my room nor is she there to pick up after me.

So, what is a person to do?

Every night as I change from my day “uniform” to my night jam jams I have to remind myself that it’s easier to put the dirty clothes where they go NOW versus the alternatives.  

By the end of the day I’m shot, beat, done, and just want to leave the clothes where they lay (even though my laundry hamper is literally inches from where I change.)

I am a 35-year-old semi-responsible person with children, a wife, and a business.   

Why do I have to remind myself every day to do this one tiny seemingly inconsequential thing?

Because I’m human and this is how humans work.

This principle of doing the small things now instead of waiting until the “dirty clothes” pile up works in just about every area of life.

Exercise and eat healthy NOW so you don’t have to deal with disease and lack of wellness later.

Save money NOW so that you don’t have to deal with the consequences of low bank account balances when in a tight spot or mentally ready to retire.  

As much as possible set up your environment to make these little things easier to do like I do with my laundry hamper.

Realize that no matter how well you set up your environment you will have to continue to make the choice daily to do it NOW or let it pile up.

Brett “Hamper-Time” Denton