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Life is finite.

Productivity is a scam.

You will never accomplish a fraction of the things you want to accomplish. 

Everything is not peachy keen all of the time for anybody.

Weathering the storms and paying attention to the seasons of your life is a valuable tool.

80/20 everything.  

Stick with me here I promise we will work our way back into the sunshine and rainbows.  

Let’s unpack each one of these over the next few days. 

Life is Finite 

We do not live forever.  

If we did life would lose much of, if not all of, its meaning.

The surest deadline we have is death.

If we did not have death we would not have living.  

Being immortal sounds good in theory, but likely would play out much differently in reality.

Since you’re given a finite amount of time in this life doesn’t it make a lot of sense to live it on your terms as often as possible?

Stuck in a job you hate?  Why?

Hustling to “get-ahead”?  What are you getting ahead of?  Do you like the hustle and grind?

Dislike where you live?  Move.

Do you expect the best out of life or do you accept life the way it is?  Both are a double edge sword and most use them incorrectly.  

Life is what you make it.  

Are you MAKING yours?