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Jenny Trainer does one workout and asks, “Am I skinny yet?”

Eric Entrepreneur buys business cards, sets up a website, and asks, “Am I on the cover of INC. Magazine yet?”

Johnny Cash saves money for a few months and asks, “Am I a millionaire yet?” 

We’ve all been one of these people at some point with something and likely still are being one of these people in some area of life.

Your life will not change overnight.  You know this just as well as I do so why then do you expect it to change overnight?

You jump into the mindset of this time it will be different.  So you go all-out and all-in until the wheels fall off.

I see this in fitness every day.  

Stop doing the frantic all-in type of approach and instead take a long-term consistent approach.

Consistency in almost every situation will trump all other approaches.  

We still want to be “all-in” with our approach just be careful that your approach isn’t “all-in.”

Meaning your approach shouldn’t take every once of discipline and motivation you can muster to make it work, but you should be fully committed to it.  (See Commit to Win for more info) 

You won’t change overnight, but you can change your world overnight.

More on changing your world overnight tomorrow.  

For today look at areas of your life where you are trying to hold on for dear life.  

How can you change to a longer-term consistency based way of thinking an approaching it?

How can you reduce friction to make success more likely?

Brett “Why am I not a Bestselling Author Yet” Denton