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I like the “This Not That” way of looking at things.

It draws a line in the sand and helps with the psychology of decision.

Here are few “This Not That” examples that can improve your life.

– Movement NOT Sedentarism 

– “We” NOT “I” 

– What can I do for you? NOT What can you do for me?

– Calm and Cool NOT Stressed and Anxious

– Do My Best NOT Do Just Enough

– Whole Foods NOT Processed Foods 

– Minimum Effective Dose NOT Doing for the Sake of Doing

– Courage NOT Cowardice

– Patience NOT Impatience

– The Right Thing NOT The Thing That Makes Me Right

– Accept NOT Hate 

– Mental Models NOT Facts and Knowledge

– Kind NOT Rude

– Bold NOT Meek

These are a handful of mental lenses that help guide my choices. 

What are yours?

Brett “This Not That” Denton