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There’s an attitude that permeates the American psyche.

It’s an attitude that we are not enough.  

We have to go harder.

Intensity is the root of all success.

We must “hustle.”

We must be more than we are. 

If you’ve never accomplished anything in your life this may be true.  

This attitude that permeates our culture sucked me in and still seduces me at times.

This attitude is unquenchable and materializes in things like:

– Comparing yourself to others.

– Thinking you’re not worthy or enough.

– Never being truly happy or fulfilled.

– Thinking you need to work more and hustle more.

– Crash diets and extreme workout programs.

– Depression.  

More is not better…better is better.

Don’t let the latest motivational speaker con you into thinking you need to be doing more, working more, or hustling.

These things will play a role just not in the way that the social media streams would lead you to believe.

I will cover the solution in tomorrow’s Shot in the Arm. 

FYI the definition of hustle:


Force, hurriedly, forceful, swindle, fraud…these are not words I generally want to be associated with.

Brett “#HustleHater” Denton