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No matter our age we’re all children in our own right.

Because adulting is hard work.

My child has learned the word, not necessarily the meaning of, promise.

“I promise to go to bed when dad gets home if I can stay up now and play.”

“I promise I will eat dinner if I have a snack right now.”


How often does his promise stick?

About as often as our promises to ourselves stick.

Have you ever promised yourself and then rationalized your way out of it?

Uh…yeah.  You’re human.  

“This is the last night I’m going to stay up late binge-watching Netflix.”

“This is the last time I’m going to order fries instead of a salad.”

I’m sure you have your own extensive list of broken promises. 

The solution?

Be an adult and do whatever adults are supposed to do.

When you figure this out please let me know 😉    

Brett “Adulting?” Denton