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How to be overwhelmed, under-happy, and a Scrooge for the holidays.

1.  Put more things on your to-do list than hours in the day available to do them.  While you’re at it let your emails pile up.

2.  Work more and exercise less.

3.  Watch more TV and leave those goals of yours for next year.  (Oh and make sure to check your social media feeds every few minutes to see how much better everybody else’s life is)

4.  Rack up your credit-card debt you have all of 2019 to pay it off.

Okay, now some tools for an instant mood boost.

1.  Look at pictures of baby animals.

This has been proven to improve mood, concentration, and attention.

2.  Do, delegate, or destroy anything that has been on your to-do list for more than a month.

3.  Call a friend and ask them what you can do to improve their day.

4. Go for a walk.

5.  Exercise.

6.  Laugh.  Find somebody or something that makes you laugh.

7.  SMILE!  Seriously, smile.

8.  Communicate gratitude.

9.  Make a list of all that you’ve accomplished in your life.

10.  Get outside.

11.  Clean out your email inbox.

Select-All -> Delete (or if your like me and think you may need something in there that you will never actually look at again hit “archive”)

12.  Supplement with vitamin D.

13.  Hugs.

Brett “Virtual Hug” Denton