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We’re preparing to homeschool our children.

We keep asking ourselves things like…

– Are we ready?

– Do we have the right curriculum?

– Is our house set up for optimal learning?

– Do we know what we’re doing?

– Do we know what we’re signing up for?

The answer I keep coming back to is…


The thing about life is that we are rarely ready for anything.

Kids…NEVER “ready.”

Starting a business…nope, too many unknowns.

Beginning an exercise program…”I’m not ready, I’m out of shape!”

Another thing about life is yes you must look before you leap…


The only way to get better at something is to do that thing.

You can’t plan and prep yourself better.

You can’t purchase your way to better.

These things help, but in the end, you must roll up your sleeves and get to doing. 

A third thing about life is the sooner we get doing the sooner we get better!

Brett “MAKE THE LEAP” Denton