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Technology has made us lazy.

We invented new technology BECAUSE we are inherently lazy.


Both are true.

Your guide to using laziness to your advantage.

1.  Because we’re all inherently lazy when you’re NOT lazy you’re more likely to be a leader in a specific area.  

Pick the area(s) you want to be a leader in and DON’t be lazy there.

2.  Be as lazy as possible except when figuring out how and where to be lazy.  

The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your work.  

Be relentless in figuring out what that 20% is and then only do that 20%.  

Congratulations you lazy son of a gun you just cut your work by 80%.   

3.  See all work through a lens of laziness.

In other words, figure out how a lazy person would do something to get the same or better result.  

4.  Do less.  (PERIOD).

Be lazy and do fewer things for increased productivity and better results.

It is tiring to continually be switching gears and keeping 100 plates spinning at one time.

5.  Spend more time lazing around figuring out exactly what to do with strategic planning and less time just doing for the sake of being busy.  

The brain works best on creative work when you are re-creating, vegetating, or otherwise not directly working on that which you need to figure out.  

Strategically lazify your life for more fulfillment, joy, happiness, and success. 

Brett “Laze” Denton