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We are three weeks into the soft opening of our second facility.

Every few days we’re getting something new from the building sign to new equipment to offices. 

It’s a decent amount of work managing everything that goes into creating a Kvell facility where there previously was not one.

The sign looks great, the new equipment is oh so sexy, the offices and the wall mural will finish off the look and feel.

And then what?

Well, we have a pretty space with some shiny new equipment.

Up to this point, it just takes elbow grease and money.

The hard part is creating the culture, the environment, and bringing Kvell to life.  

Fitness is no different.  

The easy part is purchasing a membership to a gym, buying new workout gear, and telling everybody you are going to start Monday.

The hard part is putting life into your fitness by doing the workouts, eating the right foods, and staying consistent.

Let’s bring it to life!

Brett “Breathe Life Into It” Denton