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I have been asked about my morning smoothie recipe several times since the article in the Idaho Statesman came out. 

1. This is my smoothie recipe, not yours.  Mix and match ingredients to find a smoothie that works for you.

2.  Drink your smoothie slowly for satiety and use a straw to prevent tooth issues from acidic fruits.
3.  Use whole foods – not juices.

4.  Alternate the types of greens you eat.   

Here are a few good resources on smoothie consumption:

– The Downside of Green Smoothies  
– Do Smoothies Lead to Weight Gain
– Green Smoothies: What Does the Science Say 

– Are Green Smoothies Bad for You? 

My Smoothie Recipe:
– Almond Milk
– Cabbage
– Cucumber
– Carrot
– Apple
– Celery 
– Frozen Banana
– Frozen Beets 
– Frozen Blueberries
– Frozen Strawberries
– Frozen Greens (Spinach, Collard Greens, Kale)
– Cricket Powder 
– Magnesium Citrate/Glycinate
– Vit D
– Vit B12
– Creatine
– Choline, Zinc, CoQ10
– Algae Omega-3 
– Turmeric
– Amla Powder 
– Cacao Powder
– Nuts
– Ground Flax Seeds 
– Broccoli Sprouts
– Micro Greens

The general recipe for a full meal smoothie:

1. Liquid
2. Vegetables
3. Fruits
4. Protein 
5. Fat (nuts, flax seeds, omega-3)

Work to have more vegetables than fruit.  

Brett “One-LARGE-Cup Meal” Denton