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You may be out of shape, overweight, in debt, or behind on any number of things.

You may be at a point where it seems almost hopeless and you feel helpless.

You try not to think about it because it only causes stress and anxiety.

We’ve all been there and most of us ARE there in some area of our life.

The thing about anything is it takes way longer to accomplish when you don’t start.

Duh, right?

The second part of that is it doesn’t take long once you do start with one caveat…


Once you start and keep doing the rest is history.

You will be making progress every day.

Focus on the progress NOT on the fact that you are not to some imaginary place yet.

Make your way to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz by building your own yellow brick road by placing one brick of progress every day.  

Brett “Yellow Brick of Progress” Denton