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Average Personal Trainer Cost:

Personal Training Personal Trainer Idaho 1If you are interested in getting some personal training into your life, then you are probably curious as to how much the average person is paying for personal training. The cost of personal training varies depending upon what type of personal training you are interested in getting, and who you get the training from. Some personal trainers charge between $40 and $70 per hour. Talk to us here at Kvell Fitness and Nutrition to see what kind of personal trainer we can set you up with through our program at this time.

Using the above average as an example of what personal training may cost you, let’s run the numbers for a twice a week personal training program that lasts 12 weeks, just as an example. If each session costs $55 per one hour session, for example, then at 2 sessions per week, an average 12 week personal training program cost would be $1320. Be sure and do some more research to determine the exact personal trainers near me prices, so that you have options to choose from. You may also want to look at in home personal trainer Boise has in order to check out all of your possible personal trainer solutions.

One of the first steps anyone should take when deciding what type of personal trainer will work best for them is to locate a personal trainer near me and settle on one that is going to help you to achieve your specific goals. It is also important that you jive with your personal trainers so that you look forward to your weekly or bi-weekly personal training sessions. Note that if you are looking to hire a personal trainer for weight loss, then you can begin with that same first step of searching for weight loss personal trainers near me. Make sure that if you hire a personal trainer for weight loss that they have a nutrition program to get you on in order to help you to achieve your weight loss goals in addition to doing your personal training. To find out the Kvell personal trainer cost, check with one of our coaches to see what options we have available for you right now.


Sports Personal Trainer:

Personal Training Personal Trainer Idaho 2If you are training for a specific event, then a personal trainer can also help you with preparing for that. Locating a sports personal trainer near me is a great first step in your journey to prepare your body for your sporting event. Again, check in with our coaches here at Kvell in order to determine what the best training option is for you when it comes to preparing for an athletic event by using a sports-based personal trainer.