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Personal Trainers:

How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost Kvell 1How much does a personal trainer cost? Personal trainers charge various amounts for their personal training. Some personal trainers charge between $40 and $80 per session. The price range is because of the different types of personal training that is available right now from personal trainers with different background, training, and location. If your training sessions cost $60 per session, and you book 2 personal training sessions per week, then a 12 week personal training program cost is $1440. Your cost will vary, however, as we noted.

Using the same example regarding cost, a 4 week workout plan price would come to $480. This is just an average example, however. It is important to check out the local personal training programs that are being offered right now so that you can find the right personal training program for you at this time. Check with us here at Kvell Fitness and Nutrition to see what types of personal training they have available right now and what our prices are.

While you are determining how much does personal training cost, be sure to look for any private personal trainers near me in order to determine what the best kind of personal training is for you and your health and fitness goals.


Personal Trainer:

How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost Kvell 2So, what is the personal trainer cost near me? You need to check the different gyms and private trainers in order to compare prices and see what program is going to match your budget and get you the results that you are hoping to get from your training over time. When you are determining if there is an affordable personal trainer near me, make sure to check out Kvell Fitness and Nutrition. We are Idaho’s highest and most rated gym.

Let us take a look at some average examples of costs when it comes to getting yourself some personal training at this time. How much does a personal trainer cost per hour? Some personal trainers charge between $40 and $80 per hour for their sessions. If a personal trainer is charging $50 per hour, and you go and work out with them twice per week, then the answer to how much does a personal trainer cost per week would be $100.

Additionally, if you are trying to answer the question of how much does a personal trainer cost per month, and we are still using the above hypothetical scenario, then the cost per month would be $400 on average. Again, programs vary in what they offer and who is running them, so you need to make sure that whichever program you sign up for is well matched with your own personal fitness goals at this time. Whichever program that you do sign up, make sure that you show up and do the work in order to get the quality fitness results that you are looking for right now.