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It’s been 8 weeks of me giving 100% to my nutrition and fitness goals. I’m headed in the right direction, happy with the results, and I’ve rather enjoyed the process. But today my husband casually mentioned to me in passing that he’s lost seven pounds in the last two weeks. My response: “What, I didn’t know you were trying to lose weight?” (Let me just say that everyone in my world knows I’m working to lose weight right now and it’s taken dedication.) Of course I’m happy for him, but I’ve been incredibly dedicated, worked out 2x as much as he has and have been totally committed to my nutrition….and I’ve lost about the same amount of weight in two months. UGH! Why is it so easy for men to lose weight and women to gain it? These are the questions I’m asking but I’m also reminded at what Brett and I have been discussing and what he’s helping me realize:

  • Do not focus on the numbers.
  • Dial in healthy habits and get rid of bad ones.
  • Set goals and work towards them daily.
  • Make this a lifestyle, not a diet.

Working daily on my goals is going to be critical for long-term success. I realized today that not only can I not let myself get caught up in my own numbers, I can’t get caught up in anyone else’s numbers either. This is my journey and mine alone. I know what I’ve given to myself and am going to be proud of that no matter what any measurement says. Boom!

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