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Overall this journey has been really pretty dang easy. I don’t know if it’s because I finally just made the decision to make a change or maybe it’s that I’m working with a coach who is holding me accountable. I’m thinking a big amount of both! However, even though it’s been feeling pretty easy, I have had my struggles. I am making conscious sacrifices every day and each time I do, I remind myself that I’m deprogramming a lifetime of bad habits with food.

This week, instead of keeping a food journal, I decided to track all the situations I was in where food was present and think about what choices I would have made in the past. Despite considering myself a “healthy” eater, I was eating a TON of snacks randomly. For instance… I was volunteering at my son’s school and serving cookies. I TOTALLY would have eaten one. Another example is that we go skiing every weekend and I pack a salad but always let my kids get fries and guess what… I would eat THEIR FRIES… they don’t count because they’re not MY fries–RIGHT?  There were 4 times I was at a restaurant this past week and thought about what I would usually order. Add it all up at the end of the week and guess what, a ton of extra unhealthy food.

Taking stock of my bad habits is just as important as taking stock of my good ones. Finding a balance in my life with food and being social is the hardest part. Ultimately, my goal is to eat clean 90% of the time and enjoy what I want 10% of the other. But keeping an honest score card with myself clearly what will keep me within my goals.

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