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Happy Dance!!! This week’s weigh in gave me proof that I am doing the right things. (Thanks for the coaching tips Brett!) In one month, I’ve lost over 6 pounds of body fat and gained a pound of muscle. Seeing the numbers really gives me motivation and reminds me to stay strong on the days that I’m not feeling it.

Clearly, Nutrution is 90% of it for me. I love working out, but guess what else I love… FOOD! I’m not going to apologize for that. I’m going to keep on loving food but now I’m much more conscious about when, what and why I am eating. This past week, I had a stressful day and I found myself really wanting to eat dessert. I kept telling myself I deserved it (I’ve been SO good) and I really thought it would make me feel better. Guess what? It didn’t! I felt worse… but not because I felt guilty. Because I didn’t like how the food made me feel after I had some. It didn’t even taste great.

This journey for me is not just about getting to my goal weight or fitting into my favorite jeans. It’s TRULY about finding a balance in my life where I feel totally healthy (mind and body) and energized. Finding the balance of letting loose and clean and mindful eating. It’s been just over 30 days and everything is falling into place. Sleep has improved, my energy has increased, and my mood is as happy as ever.

Over the next month I plan on keeping with the nutrition plan Brett has set up for me and really bringing my A-game to every workout!

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