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M O M E N T U M . I’ve decided that’s all I needed. I’m nearing my 3rd week of this personal transformation. When I weighed in this past Monday, I discovered that I’d lost 4 lbs of fat in only 2 weeks. I was high fiving myself because I wasn’t sure it would actually happen but it did and that was my goal. Now I plan to keep the M O M E N T U M.

This week I made an incredible self discovery… I kept thinking I would need to get to my goal weight before I felt a certain level of happiness –but I’m surprised to realize that in just a couple of short weeks I am already feeling happy with what I’ve already accomplished. Of course I want more but the negative self talk has gone away and the way I talk to myself is so much more up-lifting. Seeing the numbers move in the right direction immediately after I started following the recommended nutrition and exercise plan from Brett is a huge motivator.

I’ve noticed that my energy level is nearly double what it was a month ago and even my professional life has picked up and started to have a better synergy about it. My sleep is improving (which is a HUGE deal) and I’m waking up earlier and craving my workouts. When I take care of my health, I want to take care of everything in my life. I’m tackling projects that organize my home, family and life. I’m standing taller and sitting up straight.

As far as struggles go: I’m still working on getting 10,000 steps every single day but I’m close. I’ve been in a couple of situations where I’ve tasted something I really want but just stop at a taste.

I’m finding a realistic balance.

NOTHING will make me feel better than doing the WORK!

Here is link to my favorite soup that I’ve been eating at least 3x a week. It’s simple and easy and I make it in my Vitamix. I leave out the chips, cheese, olives and corn. I’m also careful to be sure the taco seasoning I use has no sugar. I sometimes add a dab of greek yogurt. A great way to get veggies in and eat something savory tasting.


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