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I’m in the change business.

I help people change their fitness, body, beliefs, behaviors, actions, and mindset.

Change is hard and most people fail at it.

What most people don’t understand or can’t get is that they must reinvent themselves for change to last.

They must change there identity.

The identity that you have for yourself is ultimately the person that will show up in the world.

Sure you can hang on white-knuckled for six weeks to lose a few pounds without an identity shift only to see it creep back on as your true identity takes back over.

Long term lasting change comes down to an identity crisis between the person that you are and the person that you want to be.

You must take on and be in your mind the identity of the person you want to be in order for that person to materialize and stick around for the long haul.

Fit people have an identity of a fit person and thus they act accordingly.

Wealthy people invest, save, spend, and think like a wealthy person because that’s how they identify themselves.

The opposite of these is also true.

How you identify yourself is how your actions, behaviors, and habits will play out in the long term.

You must shift your identity to realize your full potential.

Brett “Identify Yourself” Denton