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If we could take a time machine back to my college days and you asked college Brett what his primary focus was…

…I would have likely told you being the starting running back on the football team.

If you were to dissect my daily habits, actions, and behaviors over the four and half years I played football you may disagree based on the way I spent my time.

Here is a breakdown of how I spent the majority of my time.

Spring Semester: 

Lifted weights and worked on speed and conditioning on my own in addition to the team workouts.

Did everything required and more to make the team.

School work as needed to get good grades.

Summer job to make ends meet working for a former BSU football player who understood the situation.

RESULT: Was pegged to be a standout starting running back.

Freshman Year:

Same as “Spring Semester” until I got hurt and realized I was not going to be a starter.

Motivation and thus habits, actions, and behaviors started to change.

FOOTBALL RESULT:  Played in two games and had two carries for two yards.

Sophomore Year: 

Trained with the team as required.

Changed my major to a double major and prepared for application to medical school.

Started a business.

FOOTBALL RESULT: Played in 3 games and had 3 carries for 37 yards.

Junior Year: 

Trained with the team as required.

Heavy school load.

Stepped up my business efforts and started another business.

FOOTBALL RESULT: Played in 9 games and 14 carries for 27 yards.

Senior Year: 

Trained with the team as required.

School load was the most difficult yet.

Continued to run a few businesses.

FOOTBALL RESULT: Played in 13 games with 69 carries for 348 yards.


This may look like great progress, but it was far from what could have been accomplished if my habits, actions, and behaviors were congruent with my goal of being a starting running back.

Looking over my schedule you cannot tell what my primary focus was.  It looks evenly spread across school, business, and football.

I was diluting my time and efforts.

Looking back I am sure this is because I was afraid to go all-in in case I failed.

I now realize going all in is the best way to limit the chance of failing.

I have two questions for you to ruminate on:

1.  What is your one primary focus or core value?

2.  If I were to look at your habits, actions, and behaviors would I come up with the same primary focus or core value for you?

If the answer is no I recommend you either reevaluate your primary focus or you align your habits, actions, and behaviors.

Brett “Are You Congruent” Denton