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I was speaking with a Kvellian about our Nutrition Accelerator program and they asked how it was different from our challenges.

The best part of the conversation was when they said they didn’t like getting the daily accountability check-ins because…

“You’re not the boss of me.”


Isn’t this so true for us all?

We want and even need high levels of accountability to make forward progress but almost always dislike it because it feels like, well like somebody is bossing us around.

As a general rule, I don’t like the connotation of “boss” even in a business where technically I am the “boss.”

“Boss” is often associated with negative feelings of inferiority/superiority, command and control, my way or the highway, and other less than empowering feelings and thoughts.

So we find ourselves in a predicament where we need accountability or at minimum would benefit from it and yet don’t want to be “bossed” around.

Side note: this same feeling of “don’t boss me around” occurs when we are the ones bossing ourselves around!

What is the solution?

Option A: Don’t use accountability.

Option B: Get comfortable being uncomfortable when held accountable by yourself or others.  Grin and bear it as the saying goes.

Option C: Shift your mindset and get excited about accountability!

I like option C the best.  Make accountability into a game where you look forward to being held accountable.

Because, let’s be honest, typically we hate being held to account when we haven’t done the thing we are being held to account for.

I work with a group of business owners who can’t wait to have their taxes audited because they are geeky about tax law, pushing the boundaries, and tracking their money that they geek out when they get audited.

As wierd as this sounds it saves them loads of money in taxes and reduces all tax-related stress.

So instead of fighting the “boss” play a game to show just how awesome you are.

A side benefit to this is this is how you become the boss!

Brett “Like a Boss, But Not Like a Boss” Denton