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Imagine that you are trying to build a clay pot, but you have no clay.  What is the first step?  Acquiring clay, right?

Great, now that you have your clay what’s next?  Well, for most of us it would be learning the techniques and process of working with clay and molding it into a pot.  Our first pots would be ugly absurd looking things that we would likely never put on display.  

Then, assuming clay pot making was something we really want to do we would do it again, but better.  There would be MANY pots before they started looking like something a competent adult crafted and they would continue, YOU would continue, to improve with every pot.  

Well, you are the clay and your life is the pot.  You have the ability to never harden and become rigid like a clay pot, even though you may think you do.  You are ever-malleable and able to be molded into new forms, shapes, and uses.  

Life has provided you the clay now it’s in your hands.  What are you going to mold, craft, and curate out of the clay of life?  In other words, life has provided you with what it takes.  

YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.​​ (You simply have to roll up your sleeves and get a little dirt on your hands)