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For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed untying challenging knots. Untying knots provides a mental challenge and also a mental escape. I am MOST fulfilled when untying knots for others. When I think about it this must be part of the reason I have chosen business and coaching as my professions. I am a professional knot-untier.

If you are like most people you have found yourself tied in knots and bound to things that you would rather not be bound. You have too many strings going in too many directions looking and feeling like a tangled up string puppet. You can’t do this thing that you really want to do because you have committed to this other thing that you don’t want to do as much, etcetera.

Like when fishing we are always one or two casts away from a snag or knot in our line and we are also if the line is kept clear, one or two casts (or 1000) from the BIG ONE. The goal then is to keep our line clear and keep casting. Sometimes this involves finding a better place to cast your bait and other times this involves paying more attention to your surroundings and yet other times this involves noticing that your line is not wound correctly and a few casts from being a total mess.

Don’t forget, sometimes you just have to cut bait, change lines, and start over. When in a bind sometimes you simply have to cut loose of your ties to get yourself out.