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I went camping this past weekend to celebrate fatherhood with my family.

The campsite did not allow firewood to be brought in, odd, but okay, I shall abide by the law of the land.

Upon arriving we noticed bags of firewood being sold by the camp host for $7 a pop (capitalism baby!).

I purchased two bags and soon realized it wasn’t going to be sufficient for the weekend. 

I went into hunter scavenger mode.  The campground had been picked clean of all easily accessible deadfall.

No worries, I was armed with a hatchet and an iron will to not spend another cent on firewood.

Once I was focused on what I needed and set out to get it in the blink of an eye an entire forest of firewood revealed itself.

There was deadfall everywhere, it simply needed to be “processed.”

I processed firewood as Paul Bunyon processed forests with my family serving as Babe the Blue Ox carrying it to the firepit.

I will keep my $7, thank you very much. 

Are you standing in a forest of firewood too blind or distracted to see the abundance?

Brett “Handy with a Hatchet” Denton