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I recently read that Arnold Schwarzenegger does not keep a schedule.

He keeps his calendar free so that he can work on whatever is most important at that time be it a movie, running for governor, or handling business matters.

It has worked out well for him so far.

Now, you are not Arnold and don’t have the resources that he has, but what if you did?

Do you know what you would do with your day?

Do you know what the most important things are?

Imagine your calendar is wiped clean for the week.  No meetings.  No appointments.  No commitments.

1.  What is the most important thing in your life right now?

2.  What needs to be done for that one most important thing?

Now, figure out what you need to get rid of or rearrange in your life to ensure the most important thing gets the time and attention it needs.

Schedule or no schedule the more often you take care of the most important NOT the most urgent matters the better life you will have.

Brett “Focus On What Matters” Denton