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Everybody I’ve coach deals with too much to do and not enough time to do it.  

Nobody has ever come to me and said…”Brett, I have too much time and I don’t know how to fill it.” 

The crux of the issue is not getting more done, but getting the right things done. 

At a basic level, there are three categories to look at… 

1. Time Gremlins 

Things you’re doing that you don’t need to be doing, shouldn’t be doing, or are doing because you like to do them. 

Gremlins are not moving you closer to your goals and are often moving you further away. 

2. Time Thiefs 

Things you are doing that need be done and move you closer to your goals…

BUT somebody else could be doing them as well or often better than you. 

3.  Time Savants 

Things that YOU are the best at and only YOU should be doing.

Time savants take your goal-achieving to warp speed. 

So, how do you use this framework? 

You can do what I do with my high-performance coaching clients…

First, do a three-day time journal. Every 15 minutes write down what you did for the last 15 minutes. 

Major pain in the buttocks…


Like everything that leads to growth and change. (exercise, healthy eating, learning a new skill) 

Second, categorize everything into the three categories. 


-> Eliminate Time Gremlins 

-> Delegate Time Thiefs 

-> Multiply Time Savants 

Getting things done matters less than getting the RIGHT or OPTIMAL things done.   

When I coach people through this exercise we often find twenty or more hours per week to upgrade. 

What will you do with 20 extra hours per week?