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I showed my wife this picture the other day…

…and said “these guys were honored as part of the 100 All Time Denver Broncos football players.  I played with the two guys flanking Peyton Manning (middle).”

My wife, the loving wife that she is said, “What happened to you?”


The perfect response!

I grew up playing with Chris Kuper(left) and I played at Boise State with Ryan Clady(right) and although that is  very cool and an accomplishment few people can claim my wife is right I fell just short of the “podium.”

These guys made it to the top and I did not.

Thus, I have nothing to brag about.

Humble pie was served.

I have work to do.

My football days are long gone and thus I must find another podium to climb.

I am not giving up on my dreams just changing them.

Humble pie is best served HOT!

Brett “This Pie Tastes Like Motivation” Denton