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Social media streams are flooded with people who don’t know me telling me what I need to do right now, can you relate?

– You need a routine.
– You need to destress.
– You need to exercise. 

Blah, bubba-blah, buh-blah, buh-blah, blah.

While all of these good-hearted recommendations may be true they also may be things I am already doing and thus are irrelevant at best and annoying and detrimental at worst.  

I find myself squarely in the same boat of those suggesting what people should be doing and am rowing right along with them.  Most of us in the boat are attempting to help, but sometimes the help can be more a hindrance than a help.  If anything I am pointing one finger at others and four at myself.  

I don’t REALLY know what you need.  But I know somebody who has a good idea.  YOU.

What do you need?  

As an example, Theodore Roosevelt lost his wife and mother four hours apart two days after his wife gave birth to their daughter.  I don’t think anybody except for Teddy could have known what Teddy needed right then.  Here is what Teddy chose was best for him and what he needed…

“The double tragedy devastated Roosevelt. He ordered those around him not to mention his wife’s name. Burdened by grief, he abandoned politics, left the infant Alice with his sister Bamie, and, at the end of 1884, struck out for the Dakota territories, where he lived as a rancher and worked as a sheriff for two years. When not engrossed in raising cattle or acting as the local lawman, Roosevelt found time to indulge his passion for reading and writing history. After a blizzard wiped out his prized herd of cattle in 1885, Roosevelt decided to return to eastern society. Once back in New York in 1886, he again took up politics and took over raising his precocious daughter, Alice, who later became a national celebrity.“(link to full article)

So instead of telling, I am asking you to ask yourself…

What do you need right now and how can you go about getting it?

Really my goal is simply to help you the best I can and thus if there is something I can help with please reach out.