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Group Exercise:

Personal Training What Are Benefits Group Exercises 1Let’s take a look at some of the group exercise advantages and disadvantages right now. One of the main disadvantages of group exercise as opposed to personal training is that you will get less personal attention from the trainer when you are doing a group exercise class vs when you are getting some personal training. Another disadvantage of fitness classes as opposed to going to the gym by yourself to do your own training is that you have less flexibility when it comes to setting the time when you would like to workout at the gym.

Now let’s take a look at some of the advantages and benefits of group workouts. When you sign up for a group exercise program, you can pick the group workout schedule that works best for you. Having the ability to check in to any of the group exercise classes that you would like to participate in during the week by using the Kvell app makes it easier to get your workout set onto your calendar. Having your group workout scheduled on your calendar greatly increases the odds of you showing up.

Also with a group workout, you have the luxury of having most of the responsibility of getting what you are looking for out of your workout program resting on you simply showing up to the workout. With a group exercise, after you show up, you will be guided through what to do step by step. Each workout is professionally designed to help keep you on track with accomplishing your fitness goals. This is true for fitness goals that are muscle building based, fat loss based, and if you have goals of more flexibility and energy in your life. Here at Kvell, our clients get great results simply by showing up and doing 3 of our 45 minute group exercise classes.


What Are 3 Mental or Emotional Benefits of Exercise?

Personal Training What Are Benefits Group Exercises 2There are a lot of mental benefits of group exercise as well. When you get to workout in a group, your motivation to keep going gets a boost. While one of the benefits of individual exercise is that you can go to the gym anytime you want, you will find that you are mentally more motivated to go to your group workout because you know some of the other people who workout there and you know that they are expecting you at the gym. This touches briefly on one of the main social benefits of group exercise. If you are looking to make friends at the gym, then going to a group workout session on a regular basis is a great way for you to accomplish that goal.

The third emotional benefit of exercise in general is more stability. Your body was made to move. When you consistently spend time and energy working on your physical body, your emotions will be in a more balanced state. Many people report being generally happier when they workout consistently as well. Over here at Kvell, we encourage community involvement as we foster our own community of fitness enthusiasts who are excited about life. Over here at Kvell Fitness and Nutrition, we are happy and proud about the lives we each get to get fit to live!