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We have some spots in our grass that look like they belong in a Mad Max movie…scorched Earth.

I am far from a grass expert.

I water it, mow it, and fertilize it when Zamzow’s tells me to.

That is the extent of my grass knowledge and upkeep.

Thus, when our grass looks like a Chernobyl bear I’m at a loss for what to do to bring it back to it’s Kodiak bear form.

We had new sod put in less than a year ago and thus I figured should be having no issues.

Our grass should rival Torrey Pines putting greens, right?

Like most customers, I was sure this had to do with something the sod company did or didn’t do when installing it.

After all, I do my lawn-owner part by watering, mowing, and fertilizing.

The sod company came out.

They checked every sprinkler, tested for bugs, and then said something along the lines of…

Your grass is super dry, it’s really hot right now, water your grass more.


And my fault.

Sure I was watering the grass, just not enough.

When you don’t water your grass ENOUGH it will not be green and thrive.

This is often why the grass looks greener on the “other side” because somebody is spending their resources watering it.

Try giving the grass in your life MORE water and see how much it greens up and thrives.

Brett “Still Watering” Denton