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At my household, we have two dogs, two children, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Being a dog owner I feel compelled to warn people to “watch for landmines” when we’re walking around the backyard.

I’m unnaturally paranoid that my children are going to get a face full of maggot munchies when they’re out back playing or slip on it like the cartoons do on banana peels.


It seems no matter how hard I try to avoid it either myself or somebody else ends up stepping in it.

The only way to completely avoid this odorous event completely would be to avoid my backyard completely and that is no way to live.

And even then there are more dogs and more piles spread throughout the world, thus still not 100% safe.

So, what is a person to do?

1.  Do the best you can to avoid the piles.
2.  Accept that from time to time you will find your foot where you don’t want it.
3.  Understand it’s temporary and can be washed off as unpleasant as it may be.
4.  Get back to stepping.

Watch your step today 🙂

Brett “Back to Stepping” Denton