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You know that thing you think you want, why don’t you have it?

Lack of time you say.

Well, how long have you been working on getting it? Likely long enough to have gotten it by now if you were focused.

Lack of motivation you may plead.

Well, if you lack the motivation to get that thing then do you really want that thing?

Lack of money you may argue.

Well, if you REALLY want it don’t you think you would find a way to get it no matter the cost?

The thing about wants is the desire to get them tends to be weak.

Needs, on the other hand, is a no holds barred battle to the death. When you need something you will go to the ends of the earth to get it or die trying.

Try withholding somebody’s food, water, or sleep​​​​ and see how they react after a few days.

Cull your wants down to your most desired few and then mentally transform them into needs.

Then watch the magic happen.

Brett “Wants are Weak” Denton