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Did you take physics?

I have nightmares of physics class.  Physics is infinitely interesting when you can grasp it while being infinitely frustrating when you can’t.

Physics is counterintuitive to me.  

You mean I am NOT actually touching this table that I am writing on?  Oh, I get it…(no, I don’t, but I will nod and say yes, so I don’t look like a moron).

In life, things are not always as obvious or intuitive as you think they should be, like physics lessons.  

Weight loss is a prime example.  

You may need to eat more food, not less, to lose weight.  Wait…what?  Yes, you read that correctly.  

You may need to do fewer workouts, not more to lose weight, increase lean muscle, and improve your health.  

How can that be??  

Yeah, and salmon swim UPSTREAM to reproduce.  

It makes no sense (UNTIL you get it) and is all so confusing!

Whoever invented a world where salmon have to swim upstream and DIE to reproduce has a twisted sense of fun, but that’s for another discussion. 🙂

If what you are doing right now is not working, first make sure you are ACTUALLY doing what you think and are meaning to do and then try doing the opposite to see what results you get.

Remember that table isn’t actually there and you are not touching it.