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As we age we seem to care about fewer things.

I also think we start turning down the noise.

We start paying attention less to the things that don’t matter.

We physically start to see less and hear less.

We simply start to settle into a quieter existence.

We live in a world that is always on with the noise turned up.

The best example of this is social media.

Social media feeds never stop refreshing or yelling for your attention.

You can get your social media fix 24/7/365.

Social media isn’t the only noise though.

We have friends, family, customers, politicians, and the zeitgeist all making noise.

We have our own inner voice beating us up and down wondering if what we are doing is our “life’s purpose” or if we are doing this or that correctly.

This is all noise.

Turn the volume down to find sanity.

Dial into the station that fills you up, refreshes you and keeps you on track.

Stop trying to listen to everything and start fine-tuning your hearing for those things that really matter.

Maybe the most important of all is making time every day to listen to the quiet.

Brett “Turn Down the Noise” Denton