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Do you feel like you’re trying to keep up with life instead of being in control of life?

Do you feel constantly harried, a slave to your schedule?

Do you enjoy living this way?

This may help.

1.  Write down what your ideal day would be. (work day not vacation day)

2.  Write down your specific goals.

3.  Are your actions for your ideal day congruent with your goals?

4.  If they are not congruent make them congruent.  Until your actions are congruent with your goals you will be stuck.  

5.  Eliminate as much as you can that does not align with your ideal day and goals. 

Simple?  Yes.

Most things in life are simple. 

Easy?  No.

Or you can continue trying to keep up with life…good luck.

I prefer to lead instead of attempt to keep up.   

Keeping up is a losing battle.

Brett “Lead Your Way” Denton