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Sweden has taken more of a “hare” approach to the spread of the virus whereas it seems most other countries are more of a “tortoise”.  

I think we all need to determine if we are the tortoise type or the hare type as we merge back into life.  Do we jump right back in like nothing ever happened or do we slowly and methodically get back into it?  I have no inclination as to the correct answer, but it would be good for you to know your approach and style.

As a business owner, this is what I have been wrestling with for the past six weeks.  How does a business with a model that is predicated on groups get back to normal when we are directly mandated NOT to get back to normal?  How do you get enough oxygen when you are only allowed to breathe through a stirring straw?  Can you survive while running full out breathing through a stirring straw until you can breathe normally again?

Tortoise, hare, or something else?

As we “re-open” the world what style will you take?  How will you ensure you are safe, not only healthwise but also financially, emotionally, and mentally?  How will you re-emerge from your abode and engage with the world?  How will Humpty-dumpty be put back together again?

We will figure it out and time will tell, but it may do us all some good to spend a bit of time to reflect and think about how we want life to commence and what type of world we want to live in down the road.