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The humans both individually and collectively have accomplished many great things and some of those involved overcoming terrible atrocities of nature and each other.  No matter how bad things have been we have overcome.  We have found a way forward.  We have persevered.  (we have yet to find a good remedy for the media, but I am still hopeful)

The Persian adage, “this too shall pass” is good to keep top of mind.  No matter how good or how bad things currently are they are temporary in nearly every instance.  Life is a flowing rhythmic dance of ups and downs, failures and successes, highs and lows.  

We are simply surfing the waves of life.  

Get really good at surfing the highs and the lows and you will be on well on your way to a life well-lived.

Stay hopeful, continue to make progress, care for your fellow human, fight for what you believe, fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, never give up…surf on!