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In the realm of what is possible, I am not sure there’s a limit. If you were to ask somebody 200 years ago if the things we’re doing today are possible they would laugh at you. I think we have only scratched the service of what is possible. We are just getting warmed up. As I watched the “Dawn Wall” I was reminded of just how awesome humans are. If you have not seen the “Dawn Wall” I recommend it if not for the amazing and seemingly impossible rock-climbing then for inspiration and a reminder of the indomitable human spirit.

We will not all reach the top of the mountain, whatever the mountain is. However, there is always another level to achieve. Even with that, we don’t all have to keep working towards the next level. I know the personal development gurus will tell you to never stop and I disagree slightly with them.

I believe that every human can achieve another level, no matter what level they are currently on. I do not believe that everybody needs to or should continually strive for the next level. Listen, this is your life and thus the main point is for you to get out of it what you wish to get out of it. With that said do you know what you want to get out of it? Do you know what level you wish to achieve Have you defined what “making it” is for you?

Sticking with the mountain climbing example, not every climber wants to summit Mount Everest, but, and it’s a big but, is it because they don’t believe they can or because they have other plans in mind? If they don’t go after it because they don’t believe they can then they are missing a great opportunity. An opportunity to do something they want to do sure, but more importantly, they are passing on an opportunity to grow, to learn new skills, to build character, to do something they love, to fully embrace and express and learn who they are.

Life is about figuring out and fulfilling who we are and then authentically being that person. How many levels it takes is based on the individual and it is only through doing, striving, and challenge that we uncover the puzzle pieces of ourselves. Some of us are fully expressed by climbing a level three mountain while others must climb Mount Everest and still others like this guy have to not only do it but be the best at doing it.

To summarize you don’t have to climb the Mount Everest of life. You don’t even have to climb any of the tallets peaks if that is not your calling. Maybe your deal is trecking across the United States instead of scaling vertical peaks.

I challenge you to figure out who you are and what fulfills you. Climb as many levels and as many peaks as you need to, to figure out what fully and authentically expresses you. Every level you achieve will uncover a new piece of who you are. Never stop because you don’t believe you can only stop when you have reached your peak, whatever and wherever that is. Your peak being that thing that fully and authentically expresses and fulfills you.