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One hundred years ago few people would have believed what we are capable of today.

The internet, cell phones, and self-driving cars were things of science-fiction.

The science fiction of today will become tomorrow’s reality.   

One day we will cure aging and inhabit other planets. 

But let’s forget about the seemingly unattainable mind-boggling advances for a second and ask ourselves what we can do better today with the things we already have access to?

How would your life be improved if you found a better way to pay off your mortgage saving you thousands of dollars in interest? (With a standard mortgage the average homeowner pays about double their buying price after the interest is added to the equation.  So a $200k house is really a $400k house.)

What if you utilized the best available science for improving health and longevity to increase your quality of life? (Exercising and eating correctly can add years to your life, but more importantly, it will improve the quality of it.)

There is always a better way.  I have yet to find anything from parenting, to exercise and health, to finances that leave no room for improvement. 

Stay curious.  Be open-minded.  Ask questions.  Try new ways and new things.  

There is always a better way and it takes some digging to find it.  

Brett “Finding a Better Way” Denton