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Day after day I meet with people who want to get in better shape.

People who desperately want to live a healthier lifestyle to be able to play with their kids, have confidence in themselves and fit into the piles of old clothes they have in their closet.

Day after day they are excited to get started.

Enter the Wrapped Present Phenomenon.

We are most excited right BEFORE we do or get something, especially when we don’t know what it is.

This is because we have created an image in our head of what the present could be without the hard work of making the present reality or seeing what the present is in reality.

You see a wrapped present symbolizes everything we want.

Once unwrapped that same present is no longer a secret and even if it’s EXACTLY what we wanted it no longer symbolizes ALL of the things it could be.

The same goes for a fitness program and a healthy lifestyle.

Every fitness program, as far as I know, promises a fitter, healthier, and stronger you as a result of doing it.

For the most part, they all can deliver this promise if…

You put in the work.

You have to unwrap the present and then you have to use that power tool that was inside it.

You can’t throw it in the garage or shed and expect it to rebuild your house for you.

Another “present” (program) is not going to be the magic bullet without the unwrapping and the work of using it.

Excitement waxes and wanes more frequently than the moon.

Humans are an easily excitable bunch and are just as easily a demotivated bunch.

Use motivation and excitement when you have it to make large strides by creating habits and systems so that when your motivation and excitement dwindle you have a solid operating system in place to get you through it.

Brett “It’s a Gift” Denton