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For each area of life, there’s one choice that alters the course.

There’s one MOST important choice.

This choice trumps everything else.

If you choose unwisely for long enough you’ll find yourself in a grueling uphill battle.  

This one choice although simple is not easy for most.

For health, this choice if made poorly is the number one cause of death and disability in the United States. 

This choice has the power to alter your energy, stamina, skin, aging process, immune system, physique, and emotional wellbeing.

The choice you are faced with every day multiple times per day that has the greatest impact on your health is…

“What am I going to eat?”

Are you making the right choice at least 90% of the time or are you a ticking time bomb for catastrophic health consequences?

Sometimes bad things happen to good people who did all of the right things.  

You cannot control bad luck, timing, or genetics.  

What you CAN control is the food that goes into your body.

If you make the healthy choice more times than not you’re stacking the odds in your favor for a disease-free long life.

The reverse of this is also true.  

Which way are you stacking the odds?

Brett “Choose Wisely” Denton