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Growing up I spent the summers at my grandparent’s ranch in Salmon, Idaho, hiking the endless desert hills behind my house in Worland, Wyoming, and playing in the forests by my house in Anchorage, Alaska.  (I was spoiled with nature, thanks mom and dad)

As an adult, I find myself yearning for more time outside, more time in nature, and more open wild space.

This past week my wife saw an open house at an urban farm.

This sparked a dialogue about what lifestyle we want, what we want to commit to, and what we are currently doing or not doing.

Looking way outside of your current paradigm is a great way to discover what it is you want and don’t want.

It forces you to question everything.

At some point in the conversation, my wife said,

“It would be a lot of work to run and maintain a property like this and we can barely keep up with what we have now.”

I replied…

“Yes it would and I would enjoy it.  With our current house, I’m not fully committed and thus am stuck in the middle.  I am not inspired and it isn’t what I want longterm.

I would rather live in a condo where I have no work or live on a ranch where I have endless hard work.  I don’t like the middle which is where I am now.”

When you’re stuck in the uninspiring meddlesome middle it can be hard to make meaningful progress.

The middle feels like treading water with no end in sight.

If you feel like you’re in a rut in some area of your life check to see if you’re stuck in the middle.

If you are, shift your paradigm to the extreme left or extreme right to shake things loose and reinspire you at least mentally if not in reality.

Try a new paradigm on for size and see what transpires.

To finish the story on the urban farm property, we chose to stick tight for a bit and make the best out of our current home.

Thus, I will change my mentality and find a way to get out of “the middle” with our current property.  (we will keep our ears and eyes open for another opportunity down the road)

Brett “Not a Middleman” Denton