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Exercise is not recreation.

Exercise is the purposeful movement of the body to increase fitness and health.

Exercise is done to improve physiology.

Recreation is done for mental health.

Exercise often is not fun or enjoyable in the normal sense of the word (in fact many would argue that if it is you’re not doing it correctly).  

Recreation if done properly is always fun and enjoyable.

Exercise is the ultimate power tool for quality of life as we age.  

Exercise must be a habit.

The human body is designed to move.  

We used to be farmers, ranchers, and life was physically demanding at every step.

We have inverted this way of life and now we sit on our duffs the majority of our lives.

Thus, we must be purposeful with our exercise and movement.

How to Create The Exercise Habit

(Remember exercise is purposeful movement to increase fitness and health)

1.  Exercise Daily

Habits are best attained if done daily.  

You don’t have to and probably shouldn’t exercise to your max every day, but you should exercise every day in some form or fashion.

2.  Start Small

If you’re not currently working out every day then start with just one minute of exercise first thing every morning. 

Increase your exercise time by one minute every week. 

Once you get to twenty minutes of exercise you can stay there.  

Twenty minutes of exercise a day (if structured properly) is all you need to live a high quality of life until you die. 

You can do more, but in twenty purposeful well structured minutes every day, you can get the job done.  

3.   Exercise Against Resistance

Resistance training is the only form of exercise that checks all of the necessary boxes for optimal fitness.

– Allows f0r continual progression of fitness level WITHOUT increasing duration of exercise

– Improves cardiovascular system and health

– Improves fat metabolism

– Improves muscle strength and endurance

– Maintains and improves structural integrity of the body

– Increases flexibility, mobility, and stability

– Shapes the body for optimal health, performance, and attraction

(This is of course when done correctly)

4.  Exercise Every Part of the Body

For longevity and quality of life, you must work every part of the body.

This can only be done with a structured program.

You will not achieve this with recreation or a random program model.

Brett “The Exercise Habit” Denton