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This one, almost magical exercise will help you lose weight and drop body fat faster than anything else you can do.

To increase the impact of this magical exercise do the following two things.  

1.  Sleep.  

You must sleep long enough and well enough for your body to function properly.   

For most people, this is 7 to 9 hours per 24 hour period.

Optimize your sleep and many things in your life will improve including body composition, libido, ability to deal with stress, mood, and productivity.  

2.  Food.

Imagine you live on a farm or ranch in the 1700s and you can only eat things from your farm or ranch.  

Now, for the exercise that trumps ALL exercises for weight loss…

Table Push-Aways.

1.  Put your fork down with food left on your plate. 

2.  Place your hands on the edge of the table. 

3.  Push.

4.  Clear your plate and go on with your life.  

Weight loss and fat loss are a nutrition issue NOT an exercise issue.

As a matter of fact, many people struggling losing weight are exercising too much, too frequently, or too strenuously adding undue stress to their body preventing weight loss. 

We exercise to increase lean muscle mass, strengthen our heart and lungs, move lymph through the body, improve our mood, improve muscle tone, and increase athleticism. 

Nutrition is the lever to pull if we want to lose weight or trim fat. 

As vital and important as exercise is…

Nutrition is exponentially more important for weight loss, body composition, and lifelong wellness.

Improve your health this holiday season.

Join our 6-Week Holiday Survival Challenge to IMPROVE your nutrition and drop some pounds over the holidays instead of what most people do.

Put on weight and feel terrible.   

We start Monday.  

This is the last week to register.   

Reply to this email with “6-Week Challenge” for details.   

Brett “Table Push-Away” Denton