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Stereotypes abound in our world of fast-paced microwave thinking.

We have survived as a species partly due to stereotypes.

Big sharp teeth = bad, RUN!

Stereotypes serve a purpose and also have many faults.

We are told constantly how things are to be done and what is going to happen.

Again, this is partly how we have survived as a species for so long.

The people offering advice and telling us “how it is” are trying to help.

They are lending their experience and advice to the tribe.


Are they actually helping?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

You have to determine whether to buy into their view of the world, their stereotype or not.

There are few things that are guaranteed.

When you think and act outside the stereotypical box you will often experience something different from those functioning inside the “box.”

Without breaking outside of stereotypes and limiting ourselves to what can be done based on what has been done we would not have things like smartphones, automobiles, and airplanes.

However, don’t get lost in the grandiose this same thinking works for things like relationships, careers, and quality of life.

Break out of the box!

Brett “Don’t Stereotype Me!” Denton