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I was so excited.  The phone was ringing and on the other end was my grandma about to find out she was so going to be a great-grandma.  Exciting news right?  

Grandma: “Hi, Brett.”

Me: “Hi, grandma.  How are you?”

Grandma: “Good.”

Me: “Well, I am calling to tell you that Sara is pregnant.  We are going to have a baby!”

Grandma: “That’s interesting.”

And that pretty much sums up my family’s response to most things.  Haha!  Here is the thing, it allows us to process and think about the situation.

It is our way of not rushing into conclusions, over-anger, or over-exuberance.  

“That’s interesting” is a valid statement in just about every situation.  I think most people would be well-served if they had a statement to say to others or themselves when receiving news good or bad that provides space to process.  ​​​​

Process then proceed. ​​