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Tony, “Your email yesterday sounded a lot like Ronda Conger.”

Me, “Great, Ronda is amazing!  Thanks for the compliment!  When boiled down, all personal development is the same message(s) presented with each person’s individual slant and experience.”

Some messages will resonate and others will not.  


That’s how it should be.  

What resonates is dependent on a million different things like your upbringing, if you are ready to accept it, and what you’re struggling with right now.  

Everything has the potential to be life changing for you and can also be completely useless depending on how you use it.

The same principle is seen with nutrition for weight loss. 

All weight loss programs have to create a caloric deficit in order to work.

How you create the caloric deficit depends on the specific guru or diet plan you choose to follow and your specific preferences from keto, to vegan, to paleo.  

Yet we argue over the “best” way to do it.  

Let’s look at religion.  

The base tenents of nearly all, if not all religions, are the same and yet we have wars over religion.

Let’s look at politics…oh wait…let’s not go there 😉

Do your best to sift through the dirt to find the gold in all things.

When you sift long enough you will find the gold, the core principle, the thing that really makes the difference in all things.

I have never claimed to be an originator and what I say is not rocket science.

I write to help you have a better day today. 

I write to remind you, urge you, and cheer you on in the things you already know.

Brett “Engage THE Core” Denton