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Over the past several months…

I have started to dive into the intricacies of using Instagram for business…

Researching and learning the complexities of real estate…

And, along with my wife, implemented new educational programs for our boys.

All of the projects are exciting…

That is until they are not.

I am sure you have had this experience before, likely MANY times.

The thought of something is often more exciting than the actual something…

And this is often due in large part to the enormous gap between the thought and the accomplishment.

This gap requires a bridge.

Building a bridge requires work.

Work is rarely fun unless you are a sick freak and have convinced yourself that the work IS the fun part. 

And even if you have convinced yourself of that…

There is still a certain amount of “get-up-and-get-to-it-iveness” required to get the ball rolling. 

Excitement isn’t discriminate at the start of a thing…

Everybody is exciting before work begins.  

The people that end up being successful are the ones that either…

A.  Maintain excitement for the length of the project.

B.  Don’t rely on excitement or emotion, and instead focus on the work at hand.

Most people never reach the finish line…

Because most people do not do A or B.

So then, how can you increase your chance of success?

Know Why…

Determine the deep-seated reason you are doing a thing. (if you don’t have one, then don’t do the thing in the first place)

Put pen to paper…

Write down your reasons, motivations, and inspirations.  Review them often…at least once per day if not more.

Accurately precisely aim your focus…

Focus on the next step while dreaming about the ultimate goal.  In other words, don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking of ALL of the work that needs to be done and instead focus only on the next few immediate steps while keeping the ultimate vision, dream, and goal (the exciting part) vividly in your mind.  

I have yet to find anything that is worthwhile come without work, sacrifice, and times where I wanted to quit.

Arm your emotions with everything you can as they are usually the thing standing between you and success.